NameThomas Hagan 84, M
Birth Dateabt 1645
Birth PlaceIreland
Death Date1716 Age: 71
Death PlaceCharles County, Maryland
Death MemoCorrected from Annapolis, per , Jessie Hagan <>
Misc. Notes
Thomas Hagan is mentioned inWilliam Boarman's will. He was deeded
the estate "Lanterman". William Boarman (son of Major William) was
a witness to the will of Thomas Hagan/Hagoe (14:213) who mentions
land he bought from Major William Boarman and his son. A deed
recorded between 1734 and 1743 shows John Baptist Boarman conveying
the remainder of "Lanterman" to Robert Edelen, carpenter, for 30
pounds sterling and 500 pounds tobacco. -Donnelly, "Major Wm.

"There is a lot of bad info on Thomas Hagan out there. So far, I
have seen three different women attributed as being Mary, his wife
[one of which is Mary Mudd, but would place as contemporary of Thomas
Mudd immigrant or daughter, per "Candace M. Wagner"
<> who cited Nancy Leake Flack
<>]. I have been working the line for about 15
years now, and I have never seen one bit of credible evidence as to
who Mary was. There is also info out there that Thomas was from
County Clare. I think this was a very early misconception due to the
fact that Thomas had a piece of property that he named Clare. The
best guess is that Thomas was from County Tyrone in the area around
Cookstown. There is a small (so small its not even marked in any
way) townland about 5 miles from Cookstown called Clare. About 2
miles away is another townland called Carrickmore. Thomas also had a
piece of property called Carrick measure. Both of these townlands are
within 3 or 4 miles of Tullahouge. Tullahouge is the site of an
ancient ring fort that now sits in the middle of a farmers field and
is preserved as a historic site. At the site is a historical marker
which states that Tullahouge was the ancient home of the O'Hagan
family in the eleventh century.

Mind you, this too is just a guess, but there were almost no Hagans
in County Clare in the 1600's

Thomas came into Maryland in 1662 as the indentured servant of John
Meeks, a doctor from London. They came by way of Barbados. The two
year indenture which survives on Thomas Hagan was declared void
because it was illegal for a master to covenant with his servant for
any additional service. In those days most indentures were for a
period of 7 years. If this is true, Thomas' indenture would have
started around 1755 or when he was 10 years old."

Jessie Hagan <> 10-6-98

"Now for some Irish history. Around 1740 - 1745, Cromwell came to
Irland to put down yet another ebellion by the Irish. It seems that
there was a rebellion every 20 to 40 years in Ireland. After
defeating the Irish, Cromwell was determined not to have to repeat
the war in another 20 years when the younger Irish grew up.
Immediately after the war and for the next few years Cromwell and the
British rounded up the children of the trouble makers and shipped
them off as indentures servants so that they would not be able to
lead a new rebellion. Since the Hagan's were very closely allied with
the O'Niell clan and Hugh O'Neill who had led the rebellion, it is
probable that this could be what happened to Thomas Hagan. This is
signified by the Bloody Red Hand (of Hugh O'Niell) that appears on
the O'Hagan and many other coat of arms."

Birth Date1645
Death Date1726 Age: 81
Death PlaceCharles County, Maryland
Death, G840
Marr Dateabt 1676
ChildrenAnn , F
 Charity , F
 Elizabeth , ?
 James , ?
 Joseph , ?
 Mary , ?
 William , ?
 Sarah , F (~1680->1727)
 Thomas , M (1683-1742)
 Ignatius , M (1686-1765)
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