Magnificent to see you! Welcome to Mudd.Org where we intend to present valuable genealogical information on a number of surnames (i.e. mudd, bartow, conaro, conrow, shanahan, gardiner, chestney, bohlin, beck, wivatt, berkau, boarman, boreman, lowe) and historical events (revolutionary and civil wars). You may also find information on mudd family members, projects on which we are working, our wedding photos, and much more. Recently, we added some photographs from our wedding taken by Jeff Ellis (more to follow). An additional project on this website is our genealogy and related research. We continue to find new facts and information about lost ancestors and relations. We have now found lost German and Norwegian (from Swedish ancestors) cousins.

Uniformity is key. If you find any problems or corrections needing to be made, please let us know. Your choices on the left are categorized by subject area. Below, we identify certain things that should be highlighted at the moment. Always remember that you can also link to The Mudd Page, operated by Rick Mudd. If you want it in a new browser window rather than frames, click here.

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The electronic edition of The Mudd Family of the United States has been completed in its initial edition. For additional information, click here!!!!!

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